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Training Class Description
Introduction to FE Analysis (3 days)                     
To derive maximum benefit from the available technology, engineers should learn about
guidance on how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls will prove invaluable throughout the

The course is accredited and held in partnership with NAFEMS, the only vendor neutral,
not-course is completely code independent. No software is required.

The course offers excellent guidance on how to assess and plan the task of carrying out a
structural analysis using FEA. A clear understanding of the objectives of each analysis is
vital and a road map for achieving this is presented. A review of the trade off between
available resource and analysis methodology is given. Students are shown the various
approximation methods and how to judge which are acceptable and appropriate for solving
a wide range of practical problems. Practical considerations of loadings, boundary
conditions and   structural details are shown by numerous examples. Of equal importance
is the assessment and interpretation of results. A process is shown which provides
confidence in the results and aims to provide conservative, reliable and qualified results.

Interaction is encouraged throughout the course, with the planning and design of complete
FEA projects. Options for mesh designs, loads and boundary conditions and solution
methods are discussed with the students.  The tutor then runs the analyses using this
input and the results are investigated. Using this approach, classic errors are shown and
corrected in a real world scenario.
Students are welcome to bring problems from Industry and these will be discussed as time

Full notes are provided for the students.
This course is aimed at practicing engineers who wish to learn more about how to apply
finite element techniques to their particular problems in the most effective manner. The
material that is presented is independent of any particular software package, making it
ideally suited to current and potential users of all commercial finite element software
systems. This course is a must for all engineers aiming to use FEA as a reliable predictive
tool for thermal, stiffness and stress analysis.
Class Program
Day 1
•        Finite Element Analysis Overview
•        FEA and CAD
•        FEA Basic Principals
•        Element Selection
•        1D element background
•        1D element case studies
•        2D element background
•        2D Plane Stress/Plane Strain/ Axi-Symmetric methods
•        2D element case studies
•        Stress Interpretation
•        Stress Concentration Effects
•        Errors and Error checking

Day 2
•        3D element background
•        3D element case studies
•        Design of Loading and Constraints
•        Balanced Loads/Minimal Constraint
•        The Analysis Objective
•        Introduction to the Real World in 3D
•        Processing of 3D CAD Data
•        Preparing CAD Data for Analysis
•        Fast and Accurate Meshing Methods

Day 3

•        Results Interpretation/Verification
•        Project Examples
•        Best Practice in Industry
•        Getting Help When Things Go Wrong
•        Summing up the Process
•        Introduction to Non Linear Analysis
•        Introduction to Composites
•        Introduction to Dynamic Analysis
•        Additional Student material or questions
•        Course review