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Ask Tony
Ask Tony Abbey

The idea behind this page is to act as an FAQ center for FEA related

My knowledge is based on generic FEA ideas, but particularly
focused on Nastran as a solver. Pre and post processing, which is an
integral part of the solution process these days, is in my case based

If you have expertise in other solvers or pre and post processors,
please feel free to send me any information you want to share.

I won't be providing any commercially orientated comparisons,
pushing brands or similar activities. I will be promoting my own
training material here - but that is what pays for this free resource!

This page will get more sophisticated as it develops, but for now you
will see a list of topic areas in the left hand pane.

If you have any comments or additions, please feel free to contact me

tony email address
Generic FEA and Theory

Static Analysis
Dynamics Analysis
Buckling Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Fatigue Analysis

Product Specific